Our Vehicle Fleet Offers Total Flexibility!


We at Anglo American have built our vehicle fleet based on over 30 years experience in the filming industry. Consequently we can provide filming platforms for all terrains and types of shoot. Uniquely, we are able to provide a range of services from off-road quad bikes to an articulated Renault HGV tractor unit used for shots involving commercial Heavy Goods Vehicles.  


All our vehicles are properly insured for filming work and are maintained by ourselves in our own fully equipped workshop. They can be rigged for a multitude of camera shots each of which can be prepared in-house by our qualified technicians. All our drivers are highly experienced and accredited film vehicle operators. Moving film shots taken around film crews, actors and vehicle operators using fast vehciles can be a highly dangerous environment. We never take this lighly and everyone at Anglo American is commited to safety!


We have the vehicles, people and support services you need but more than that our experience means we know how to use them!

Anglo American - Vehicle Fleet