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About Anglo American

Anglo American were first established in 1981 when we began as suppliers of Action Vehicles to the TV and Film Industries. We soon saw an opening for us to supply Camera Tracking Vehicles and Low Loaders, and here we are 30 years later!

Over the years we have filmed Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Planes, Cycles, Horses, Dogs, Carriages and shot a many a Hero and Villain from our Vehicles!

Angl American - About Us

Anglo American provide a Professional and Competitive service, and all of our Operators have been involved in this great industry of ours for many years amassing huge experience in the Camera/Grip/Lighting areas of the business. We have probably seen more rigs than most crews have had on-set meals!
So, whatever your needs or ideas, please get in touch, we are only too happy to help!


- We carry full Insurance cover for TV/Film/Commercial work

- We carry full Public Liability Insurance

- All our Operators carry the necessary CPC/HGV/Driving/Riding licenses

- Terms and Conditions (copies available on request) 

- We adhere to all industry standard safety procedures.

- We often work to local authority agreements such as the Metropolitan Police Film Unit's guidelines or where such guidelines are not in place we adhere to the UK Health and Safety Executive's Entertainment Information Sheet No 22 (see link below).


If you are looking for Action Vehicle services why not visit our dedicated website at Action Vehicles UK

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