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New! Porsche Cayenne Turbo S New!  

Motocrane Ultra Arm Pursuit Car 

Stable, Versatile, High Speed - Equivalent to U-Crane/Russian Arm

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Vehicle Overview

4.8 V8 550bhp

4 wheel drive

6 speed Auto/Tiptronic Transmission

Self levelling air suspension with Active Roll Control

Full suite of TV Logic monitors with playback

Full set of wireless communication headsets

Seating for 5 inc Driver

Air  Conditioned

Crewing and Support

The package is crewed with an experienced, Precision Driver, an Arm Operator and a System Technician. A fully equipped support van is also included.


A head / camera operator (joystick or wheels) can also be supplied if required. Rates by individual negotiation.

Remote Head

Movi XL Stabilised with FOG Fibre Optic Gyro System*

Joystick and / or hand wheel head controls

Flowcine Tranquilizer mounting

Motocrane Ultra Remote Arm

12ft/3.65m Arm length from the fulcrum

7 second 360 degree swing speed

3 second 90 degree lift speed

Weather resistant to IP65 rating

Operating temp -34c to +43c

75mph+ speed rating

65lbs / 30kg combined head/camera capacity

* The FOG System costs more than the Movi XL head itself and greatly enhances the performance of the Movi under hard acceleration or when shooting at longer focal lengths.

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