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Chevrolet K2500 Silverado 4x4

Powerful and Smooth with Off-Road Capability

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5700cc V8 Petrol Engine

Automatic Transmission

Air Suspension

Rear Low Level Camera Platform

Roof Camera Platform

Front Low Level Camera Platform (Optional) *

Suitable for Front/Rear/Side Shots 

Lightweight Camera Cranes/Poles 

Car to Car


5.5 Kva Honda Generator (Optional) 

Safety Harnesses and Tethers

Alloy Scaffold Rails for rigging


Items marked “Optional” must be ordered at the time of booking

Items marked * will require closed/private roads to legally comply with Road Traffic Laws



Overall Length (No Front Platform) 7.0m

Overall Width 2.04m

Overall Height 1.9m

Rear Platform Size 2.0m w x 76cm l

Roof Platform Size 1.2m w x 1.15m l

Front Platform Size * 1.83/1.40m w x 93cm

Pickup Bed Size 1.5m w x 2.4m l 

Turning Circle

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